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Local mapping and communications checklist

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This general checklist was developed for work with local communities interested in the use of mapping and digital communications. David Wilcox October 2018


A local project wants to work with residents and businesses to develop an online guide and communication system for the area.


The aims of the guide and system are to:

  • Support an asset-based approach to community building through mapping
  • Offer residents, groups and businesses the opportunity to raise their profiles
  • Enable communication, co-operation and collaboration among all interests


The system should be :

  • Accessible using existing consumer communication devices and tools where possible
  • Co-designed with residents, groups and businesses
  • Open to contributions from all residents and businesses
  • Well-managed and supported, and sustainable

System components

  1. A directory of local facilities, organisations etc
  2. Geomap of social infrastructure and issues
  3. Netmap showing interests, wants, offers, collaborations
  4. Existing local comms - Facebook, WhatsApp, blogs, Twitter etc
  5. Other spaces and tools for communication and collaboration 6. People who make the system work: mapping and comms manager(s), local activists learning new methods, community and social reporters.

Possible functions

A Infrastructure - facilities, plans needs

  • Help residents and businesses find facilities, groups and organisations in the area using a directory and map
  • Show future plans for the area

Requires 1 directory, 2 geomap, and 4 online discussion, plus 3 - netmap tools for easy data entry and updating, and 6 map manager and facilitation.

B Activities - news, events, conversations

  • Display local news, events and activities
  • Additional contributions and conversations through existing or additional online channels

As above plus 5 additional tools and 6 more comms management.

C Cooperation, collaboration, campaigns - enabling people to see interests, wants and offers

  • Find who is interested in what on a collaboration map; add and update their interests
  • Connect with people on the map via an existing or new comms system
  • Enable campaigning and organising when needed

As above plus 3 netmap.

D Engagement, effectiveness and organising - increase profile and impact

  • Promote the system to residents and businesses
  • Offer training for groups in use of the system and other tools
  • Enhance existing capacity among groups and community organisers

Requires additional training and support from 6 people who make the system work.

Roles, tasks, skills needed

  • System designer - scope out and co-design communications and mapping system.
  • System manager - responsible for mapping and comms developments
  • Facilitators

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