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 * Facilitators * Facilitators
 +## See also
 +* [Stuff happens: could company operating systems for uncertain futures provide insights into what’s needed for civil society?​](https://​​2018/​10/​09/​stuff-happens-could-company-operating-systems-for-uncertain-futures-provide-insights-into-whats-needed-for-civil-society/​) - Networked City blog post October 2018 
 +* [We need civic operating systems to manage the social fabric for healthy communities – plus a social app store of tools](https://​​2018/​08/​17/​we-need-civic-operating-systems-to-manage-the-social-fabric-for-healthy-communities-plus-a-social-app-store-of-tools/​) - Networked City blog post October 2018
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