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Networks Partner role at Hub for London

by David Wilcox

The Hub for London - now called London Plus - has appointed Leah Whittingham to the post of Networks Partner. The responsibilities in the recruitment pack, listed below, reflected many of the ideas we have developed during our Networked City exploration.

While welcome, the responsibilities appear to be far more than one person in a team of five staff can achieve on their own. They amount to a checklist of some key programmes to achieve a Networked City. That's why we proposed a supporting Community of Practice to the Hub advisory group.

Networks Partner responsibilities

The principal responsibilities outlined in the recruitment pack are:

  1. To offer support to civil society groups through the development and coordination of networks and forums, and by supporting existing networks (i.e. CVS Directors and Volunteer Centre networks) with a focus on co-production
  2. To harness the use of technology and develop new online forums and networks where civil society groups and partners can network and communicate
  3. To support on the development of new alliances where a need is identified
  4. To identify and link various networks to strategic leads across London via signposting and liaison
  5. To develop and expand existing partnerships to increase collaboration and the sharing of resources
  6. To establish new partnerships across London based upon key thematic programmes of work
  7. Provide a range of training and support programmes in line with the needs of the civil society groups and networks, including sourcing trainers, venues and implementing an evaluation process
  8. To identify training gaps and develop a training and development strategy to support the needs of the civil society within London
  9. Develop key programmes of work to share best practice and profile minimum standards for civil society organisations (i.e. minimum standards for organisations working with volunteers)
  10. Create online resources hubs, whereby materials, research and best practice models can be shared and used to inform future developments

The recruitment pack says that the Hub aims to offer three key functions:

  1. Information – data and intelligence on civil society across London
  2. Networking – supporting civil society engagement and collaboration
  3. Voice and Influence – increasing the influence and representation of civil society in policy and regional planning

The Networks Partner role, advertised at £36,000 on a two-year contract, is:

To offer support to civil society groups through the development and coordination of networks and forums, both via existing networks and through the development of new alliances. This role will also take a particular focus on new technologies to support groups to communicate and collaborate.

* News about recruitment of the chief executive for the Hub March 2018
* Notice of recruitment for Networks Partner post May 2018

How the Networked City exploration contributed ideas

In February 2018, when David Wilcox was a member of the Hub advisory group, Connecting Londoners and Our Way Ahead developed ideas for extending the hub through networks, and also developing a Community of Practice for people who want to promote network development. These proposals were also in accord with recommendations gathered by staff supporting the advisory group.

In March 2018 we followed through with an event at Newspeak House, and development of a network map to identify those interested in a network or Community of Practice.

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