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 +# Videos from our Networked City event including an interview with Harold Jarche
 +Here's videos from our [Networked City event](http://​​2017/​follow-us-with-netwcity-and-a-live-stream-about-social) earlier this week, in case you missed [John Popham'​s](http://​ excellent work in providing a live stream.
 +Our keynote presentation was by [Harold Jarche](http://​​about/​),​ international specialist in networks, social learning and leadership. Harold took us through:
 +* the difference between different domains of activity: simple, complicated,​ complex and chaotic. Each requires a different approach blending networks and hierarchies
 +* the importance of developing our personal capacity to manage knowledge
 +* a model of different network types ... those for action, sharing practices, and connecting more widely
 +* the roles of network weaving, facilitating and coordinating in building and supporting networks
 +* the importance of trust
 +* cities as physical nodes in multiple knowledge networks
 +* making decisions in networks
 +* the idea of value network analysis
 +In this presentation Harold starts at 1' 40", after my introduction. You can find [a blog post here](https://​​2016/​07/​principles-and-models-for-the-network-era/​) on the model of network types.
 +During our lunch break I was able to interview Harold on the key points.
 +Harold has just started one of his online workshops: [details here](http://​​pkm/​pkm-workshop/​).
 +If you want to stay in touch with Networked City you can sign up to  [an email discussion list](https://​​g/​main) or contact me for an invitation to our Slack team.
 +* [Earlier post on the Networked City event](http://​​2017/​follow-us-with-netwcity-and-a-live-stream-about-social)
 +* [About Harold Jarche](http://​​about/​)
 +* [Harold'​s models](https://​​2016/​07/​principles-and-models-for-the-network-era/​)
 +* [Harold'​s online workshop](http://​​pkm/​pkm-workshop/​)
 +* [Background paper on Networked City](https://​​KzNFhw)
 +* [Email discussion list](https://​​g/​main)
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