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 +# Follow us with #netwcity and a live stream about social good in a more networked London
 +*Published on [](http://​​2017/​follow-us-with-netwcity-and-a-live-stream-about-social) January 30 2017*
 +Tomorrow January 31st we are exploring how to make London a more Networked City - and how to use digital technology and network thinking for social action.
 +Discussion will range from how to help people better connect with neighbours, local activities and services, through to the sort of support systems we will need as funding is cut for community and voluntary organisations.
 +We have a few free places - [signup here](http://​​civicrm/​event/​info?​reset=1&​id=928) - and if you can't make it we'll be tweeting and also live-streaming some of the event.
 +**Follow #netwcity on Twitter, and a [Live stream](http://​ provided by [John Popham](http://​**
 +The event is part of a wider exploration into making London a more networked city, explained in this [background paper](https://​​KzNFhw),​ and supported London Voluntary Service Council.
 +As [I wrote here](http://​​2017/​rethinking-civil-society---with-lessons-from-rethinking-work-and),​ our keynote speaker is [Harold Jarche](http://​​about/​),​ international expert on networks, social learning and leadership.
 +We'll hear from Harold how learning and acting through networks is crucial in the world of work ... and how we can apply some models and approaches to civil society.
 +Here's a key post of his about [principles and models for the network era](https://​​2016/​07/​principles-and-models-for-the-network-era/​) and a series of posts [categorized democracy](http://​​category/​democracy/​)
 +We'll also hear about
 +* [Globalnet21](http://​​) from Francis Sealey
 +* [Voluntary Action Harrow Cooperative](http://​​about-us/​) from Rachel Wright and Alex Buckmire
 +* [Building a Living Lab simulation of the London borough of Slipham](https://​​7qaV6y) from Drew Mackie
 +* The realities of using social media in the community, from [John Popham](http://​
 +* Ideas for a cross-sector tech for good project from Ellie Hale
 +We'll review what networks already operate across London, and how to develop strong connections.
 +By the end of the day we should have a lot of ideas that we can take forward online, and develop for a further event at City Hall on February 22.
 +You can sign up to  [an email discussion list](https://​​g/​main) or contact me for an invitation to our Slack team.
 +* [Signup for event at the London Resource Centre in Holloway Road](http://​​civicrm/​event/​info?​reset=1&​id=928)
 +* [Live stream](http://​
 +* [More about Harold Jarche](http://​​about/​)
 +* [principles and models for the network era](https://​​2016/​07/​principles-and-models-for-the-network-era/​)
 +* [Background paper on Networked City](https://​​KzNFhw)
 +* [Email discussion list](https://​​g/​main)
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