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 +====== Rethinking civil society - with lessons from rethinking work and @hjarche at free London event ======
 +[[http://​​2017/​rethinking-civil-society---with-lessons-from-rethinking-work-and|Published on]]
 +We have a terrific opportunity on January 31 to rethink what's needed to do social good in London, with a free all-day event led by [[http://​​about/​|Harold Jarche]], international expert on networks, social learning and leadership. [[http://​​civicrm/​event/​info?​reset=1&​id=928|Signup here]]
 +Can we continue successfully with the current mix of community and voluntary organisations - provided they can find ways to survive and meet new social challenges as funding is cut?
 +Or should we look at new ways of organising, learning from those who are [[https://​​events/​fellowship-events/​2016/​7/​rsa-fellows-reinventing-work-network-changing-the-structures-of-work12-July|re-inventing work]] as a more fluid mix of teams, communities of practice, and social networks? Here's Harold'​s model. You can [[https://​​2016/​07/​principles-and-models-for-the-network-era/​|read more on his blog]]. {{:​../​uploads/​hjmodel1.jpg|Harold Jarche model}}
 +I think we need to retain and support the best of the current work of maybe 100,000 community and voluntary organisations,​ social enterprises and coops in London, and also also explore new ways of work within and outside traditional structures.
 +The event is part of the exploration into making London a more networked city, [[https://​​KzNFhw|explained in this background paper]]. We are running the event with London Voluntary Service Council, who are supporting Network City. As they say in an introduction to the event:
 +> Digital technology and the shift to networks is transforming social action. If we want to change lives and support communities we need new models, skills, thinking and transform how we think about governance and user empowerment
 +> This event will consider how the opportunities and challenges of digital tech and networks can transform social action. We will also look at the structures (governance arrangements) to ensure sustainability and the steps we need to take together to deal with constant change whilst getting things done.
 +> The event will include presentations,​ models of innovative practice, live simulation exercises, group work and discussions,​ sharing stacks and other resources.
 +If you can't make it, you can sign up to [[https://​​g/​main|an email discussion list]] or contact me for an invitation to our Slack team.
 +  * [[http://​​civicrm/​event/​info?​reset=1&​id=928|Signup for event at the London Resource Centre in Holloway Road]]
 +  * [[http://​​about/​|More about Harold Jarche]]
 +  * [[https://​​events/​fellowship-events/​2016/​7/​rsa-fellows-reinventing-work-network-changing-the-structures-of-work12-July|RSA re-inventing work network]]
 +  * [[https://​​KzNFhw|Background paper on Networked City]]
 +  * [[https://​​g/​main|Email discussion list]]
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