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 +====== Slack ======
 +The Networked City team use [[https://​|Slack]]. The key features are:
 +  * channels for general chat among team members, and for work in sub-groups around topics or projects. These may be public and open to everyone in the network, or private to a group.
 +  * direct messaging one-to-one or in small ad hoc groups
 +  * file uploads and blog posts
 +Slack is easy to use on mobile devices, and you can set up email notifications to alert you to conversations.
 +  * [[https://​​hc/​en-us/​articles/​218080037-Getting-started-for-new-users|The official Getting Started guide to using Slack]]
 +  * [[https://​​hc/​en-us/​articles/​217626328-Onboarding-checklist-for-new-users|Getting started checklist]]
 +  * [[https://​​hc/​en-us/​categories/​200111606-Using-Slack|All Slack Help]]
 +  * [[http://​​news/​136472-what-is-slack-and-how-does-it-work|What is Slack and how does it work? From Pocket-lint]]
 +===== Our Quick Start tips =====
 +==== Sign in ====
 +Sign in at https://​​ if you have an invite, or email for an invite for yourself or someone you recommend.
 +Choose something like firstnamelastname for your username so people can recognise you easily. Add a photo or other image to your profile.
 +[[https://​​hc/​en-us/​articles/​217626328-Onboarding-checklist-for-new-users|Review the getting started checklist]] for some introductory videos
 +{{:​../​uploads/​slacknc.jpg| Signup}}
 +==== Download Slack apps ====
 +While you can use Slack through your web browser, it is better with desktop and mobile apps.
 +  * [[https://​​downloads/​|Desktop apps here]]
 +  * [[https://​​hc/​en-us/​articles/​208401947-Slack-for-iOS|iOS app link and help]]
 +  * [[https://​​hc/​en-us/​articles/​207691318-Slack-for-Android|Android app link and help]]
 +==== Look around ====
 +Here's what Slack looks like on the desktop
 +{{:​../​uploads/​slackncd.jpg| Slack desktop}}
 +  * You can be signed in to more than one Slack team, and these will show up on the left
 +  * Channels and direct message options will highlight if there are messages
 +  * Profiles and notification preferences are at the top. You can set yourself as away
 +  * Add files with + at the left of the message slot. You can also add a blog post if your message is a long one (desktop only)
 +  * View files top right. You can also find a directory of members there.
 +==== When you are ready ====
 +  * Look through messages to get an idea of people'​s interests, then introduce yourself
 +  * Join any of the channels that interest you. You are automatically subscribed to #general
 +  * Check you have set up notifications to suit your preferences - [[https://​​hc/​en-us/​articles/​201895138-Set-up-Slack-notifications|details here]]
 +  * Get to know people!
 +==== A few others tips ====
 +  * If you hit return while in the message slot, your message will be published. To create paragraphs use shift + return
 +  * Adding @ before a username in a message will send them an alert. @channel alerts everyone. Please use sparingly.
 +  * You can edit messages - mouse over the message in desktop to get message actions, touch and hold outside text on mobile
 +  * You can star messages to keep track of important ones
 +  * Add Google docs rather than uploading Word docs if you want people to read in the app rather than download. You can do this by pasting a URL into the message area
 +  * Use + beside Direct messages to add one or more people to a private conversation. This allows you to create private small ad hoc groups rather than setting up a channel
 +  * [[http://​​insider/​2015/​08/​11/​the-ultimate-guide-to-doing-anything-in-slack/​|More tips here from The Next Web]]
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