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 * [Drew Mackie has documented 10 questions to ask a network map](https://​​document/​d/​14yMBZo6TWnZI5HGhvvjZSKEmXLP2QHi1KPqFWMbo0ls/​edit#​heading=h.ba90dfo7nu50) * [Drew Mackie has documented 10 questions to ask a network map](https://​​document/​d/​14yMBZo6TWnZI5HGhvvjZSKEmXLP2QHi1KPqFWMbo0ls/​edit#​heading=h.ba90dfo7nu50)
-In October 2018 we'll help group of London networks ​develop further plans for mapping and communications.+###​ Update 
 +We are starting work on two-year programme funded by Big Lottery with four London networks: [[equalities/​news1|details here]].
 ##Theory ##Theory
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