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Networks and social ecosystems

Mapping and development of networks underpins a lot of our current work on localities as social ecosystems.

Latest: we are discussing mapping here on the Networked City forum. The forum is only in beta, with a few people, but let me know if you would like to join in


Living Maps Review Spring 2018 edition carries a paper by Drew Mackie and David Wilcox explaining social networks and how to map them. Download here. The article covers:

  • The difference between a list, with central connections, and a network with many-to-many connections
  • The comparative value of network maps, geographic maps and catalogues
  • How can be used to build both network and geo maps
  • What network maps can tell us
  • How the imaginary locality Slipham provides a way to explore mapping at personal and neighbourhood levels in workshops


Earlier papers:

  • Building local communities using maps and apps. Thinking about communities as social ecosystems provides a framework for understanding what makes up a community, and how the use of network mapping and digital apps for organising and communicating can improve the effectiveness of community building.
  • Networks and network mapping The Internet provides the potential for extending and enhancing our personal and professional networks - offering scope for reducing social isolation, building community relationships, and supporting cooperation between and within organisations. However, to realise the potential of networks we need to understand more about their nature, how to analyse, map and build them - whether online or not.

A guide to networking 2006

These pages on networking were developed to create a guide to networking for the Scottish Centre for Regeneration in May 2006. The emphasis was deliberately nontech.

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