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Networking resources

Some resources are no longer available online

The "How to" guides on community engagement and partnership working, published by the Scottish Centre for Regeneration, have a wealth of advice and methods relevant to networking.
The Well-Connected Community: A Networking Approach to Community Development. Alison Gilchrist. The Policy Press. 2004. £18.99 This book demonstrates how informal and formal networks strengthen communities and improve partnership working.
Active Partners provides several toolkits about networking locally that you can download from their website here

Online networking

The Techsoup site is the richest source of advice for nonprofits, and includes information on networking tools like blogs and wikis.

Personal networking

Most of the guides about increasing your personal networking capability are aimed at people in business, and describe techniques for Professional Networking. They do have wider relevance, however. For example:
Personal Networking: How to make your connections count. Mick Cope. Prentice Hall 2003. £19.99. Theory as well as practical advice.
One of the most influential books on networking ideass recently has been The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, where he writes about the importance of connectors and other roles. Robert Patterson provides a summary.
Professional networking for dummies. Donna Fisher. Hungry Minds 2001. £15.99. Networking made simple, covering friendship, career development, technology and etiquette

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