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Videos from our Networked City event including an interview with Harold Jarche

Here's videos from our Networked City event earlier this week, in case you missed John Popham's excellent work in providing a live stream.

Our keynote presentation was by Harold Jarche, international specialist in networks, social learning and leadership. Harold took us through:

  • the difference between different domains of activity: simple, complicated, complex and chaotic. Each requires a different approach blending networks and hierarchies
  • the importance of developing our personal capacity to manage knowledge
  • a model of different network types … those for action, sharing practices, and connecting more widely
  • the roles of network weaving, facilitating and coordinating in building and supporting networks
  • the importance of trust
  • cities as physical nodes in multiple knowledge networks
  • making decisions in networks
  • the idea of value network analysis

In this presentation Harold starts at 1' 40“, after my introduction. You can find a blog post here on the model of network types.

During our lunch break I was able to interview Harold on the key points.

Harold has just started one of his online workshops: details here.

If you want to stay in touch with Networked City you can sign up to an email discussion list or contact me for an invitation to our Slack team.

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