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Moving London from digital divide to digital connect - generating Networked City ideas for the Deputy Mayor

Draft post for NetworkedCity blog February 22 2017

Today we are meeting at City Hall to develop ideas for London's Deputy Mayor, Matthew Ryder QC, that will help address his brief for Social Integration, Social Mobility and Community Engagement.

We'll be using insights and expertise assembled over the past two months of our Networked City exploration into networked thinking and digital tech.

We asked Team London, supporting the Deputy Mayor, to give us a couple of challenges to stimulate discussion.They suggested:

  • Digital connect, not digital divide – how can all communities be included in the use of new technologies
  • How can digital and traditional methods help City Hall improve community engagement so that Londoners can be more engaged and involved in policy development

We'll break into discussion groups after hearing presentations inclouding mapping networks and communities; systems to enable community publishing and connecting; and a Living Lab simulation of a London borough. Details in our briefing document.

The groups will develop a gallery of posters to present to the Deputy Mayor. From that we hope to develop further ideas for collaboration among innovators, and with City Hall.

Other events today, organised by groups who are part of the Networked City exploration:

Living Maps seminar: Greening the Map, by Living Maps

Is green mapping just a means of create interesting data displays for enthusiasts or a real tool to help tackle our unfolding environmental crisis? We have invited two leading environmentalists to debate this question.

> Mapping Urban Nature - Matthew Gandy.

> Putting a new colour on the map - the development of 'green mapping' - Chris Church

Globalnet21: Ethics & Politics: Does Culture Lead & Parliament Follow.

Join us at this meeting with the Conway Hall Ethical Society where we discuss whether grass roots cultural change is more effective than change through Parliament in making a difference to our world.

> The world is changing so fast that we often wonder if we can have any influence at all. Politicians also face this situation and often feel impotent in the face of global forces. Brexit was partly an expression of this frustration.

> So can we effect change through politicians and Parliamentary politics or does real change happen elsewhere?

> Putting a new colour on the map - the development of 'green mapping' - Chris Church.

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