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Connect citizens, building communities links

Some of the main papers and links

Initial document on connecting citizens, building communities and supporting community connectors
This note summarises an approach to using digital technology, network thinking and self-organising to address three linked challenges: * How people can find opportunities and services, and develop new relationships in their local communities * How to develop civic infrastructure when existing systems are reducing and new approaches are needed * Supporting community connectors in their role of making connections and building relationship in local communities, and online

Connecting Citizens, Sharing Passions
Here’s how we can develop an innovative project using existing tech, co-design with local people, drawing on professional support funded through Time Credits, sustained through a coop structure. It’s a join-up rather than a start-up

Proposal to RSA on Connecting Citizens, Building Sustainable Communities
Proposal to RSA to co-design with Fellows and others a fictitious but realistic locality to explore how digital age models and methods can help connect citizens and build sustainable communities.

Building the Network
This note sets out a process for building a network that includes communities of interest and teams to carry through ideas on connecting citizens and building communities described in this earlier paper. It provides a framework within which we can co-design specific proposals for LVSC and other interests, leading to a programme of activities.

Connecting Citizens slides
Slides by Helen Cammack showing how and other apps can connect

Draft FAQ for Connecting Citizens project

Earlier draft FAQs for a Joined Up Digital successor

Mapping and building networks for Recommendme
Note for the Recommendme team on the value and practicality of network mapping

Mapping personal and community networks Paper presented at #AgeCamp2016 April 4 2016 by Drew Mackie and David Wilcox

Note for possible Wye pilot
Support for the Our Place Wye project

Effective networks paper by Drew Mckie
This note is written in response to an observation drawn from working in and with various community and agency networks over the years. The idea of networks is well established and better networking is the aim of the many conferences, unconferences, camps and workshops that litter the professional scene. There are many calls to form networks to share information and even assets and to turn the creative and diverse thinking of network members into effective action. But then something odd happens. As a network moves to take action it transforms into a more hierarchical organisation. Committees are appointed. A central focus for information is established - a website, blog or wiki. A leader emerges. The character of the group or organisation changes and becomes more traditional.

Proposed programme on Place Based Social Action

Community Sector Coalition paper: Change Everything
Why we need to rethink civil society infrastructure

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