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Developing a map about networks

Christine Capra, of Greater than the Sum and the Social Innovation Lab, has develop a Kumu map from an an overview of Social Change Network practice. See below for topics covered in the map, and acknowledgements. View the map on Kumu here.

Using the map

The sidebar on the map provide more content about the nodes - that is, the circles containing topics. Close the sidebar by clicking three dots half way down the divider.

  • To view more about a particular topic, click on the circle containing it.
  • You can step through the topics using the links in the sidebar to the full map, and see them replicated below.
  • To return all hidden circles to the map, click on full map - bottom left in the map
  • Expand and contract by top right + - and mouse scroll when in map. Move around map by mouse down and draft.

Map topics

  • What is a network
  • Network aspects
  • Network leadership
  • Organisations/Coalitions/Networks
  • Network design elements
  • Roles for network weavers
  • Analysing maps
  • Assessing networks


This overview is based on a summary compiled by Michael Bischoff of Clarity Facilitation and the Social Innovation Lab, from readings of The Network Weavers Handbook, by June Holley, and Connecting to Change the World, by Plastrik, Taylor & Cleveland, and from discussions with June Holley, Patty Ankelm (author of Net Work), and Anne Whatley of Network Impact.

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